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You're Such A PAIN!

You're Such A PAIN!

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You’re Such A PAIN!’ pain relief salve uses a proprietary blended formula that we find more effective than any pain relief spray, herbal pain relief ointment, pain relief gels, or essential oil alone available in the market.

It has a deep and quick-absorbing formula that vanishes as you apply it, penetrates deep into your tissues and gives quick relief, with regular use.

It does not make the skin sticky or oily either as we only use the first press of our oils that keep our pain relief salve light and does not block your skin's pores to avoid discomfort.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
May Banks
It's Great!

Love the product!

Janice Letbetter

It helps some but doesn't last long I have to apply 4 to 5 times a day... was thinking on placing another order but sort of scared its not enough comfort

Cathy Bryant
ATURAL!!! I cannot thank you enough. I will keep this in my medicine basket.😊😊

I have so much pain constantly in my knees. I have tried so many different creams that made my knee feel as though it was swollen in a tight cast. Those creams either took forever to work or the relief was very minimal . I was introduced to this product when both of my knees and legs were hurting me so bad I could hardly move them. My friend rub this salve on my knees before I went to bed and the next morning, the swelling had gone down . What amazed me was the fact that my knee felt NORMAL for the first time in a long time. It doesn’t take much and it begins to work almost Immediately. I use it on my hips and my hands as well. I’ve ordered a couple for myself, told my family & friends and they have ordered some too. Thank you so much for this pain-relief salve. Another high point, it is ALL NATURAL. I will always keep a container in my medicine basket. Again, I, my knees, legs, & hands, THANK YOU 😊 !!!

Miracle Salve

I was introduced to this product by a friend when I mentioned pain in 3 areas in my body including arthritis in my fingers. I've tried various products but even though some contained natural things it didn't work fast or continuous enough or was too expensive to keep using long term. Literally within minutes of rubbing a little of this salve in I got relief. I've found also I don't need to use it as often since I started using it. Definitely has healing properties in the herb formula. I highly recommend it ...and have told friends about it.

Amy F

I absolutely LOVE this product!! It works SO QUICKLY. I was utterly shocked the first time I tried it. It's also a bonus knowing after prolonged use it won't damage my kidneys or liver!!! LOL!
I'm telling all my friends about it!!